Heartworm Testing

A heavy heart is not a healthy heart. Heartworms are a parasite that worm their way through your pet’s bloodstream and set up shop in your pet’s heart. If not treated they can reproduce which could be fatal. With regular testing, we can evict them from your pet’s body before they cause any serious damage. To book an appointment for your pet, call us at 403-457-3911

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What is heartworm and how does my pet get it?

If your pet is bitten by an infected mosquito, it can release heartworms into their bloodstream. Multiple bites from the mosquito can cause a build-up of these critters in your pet’s system. Heartworm is a parasite that lives in your pet’s bloodstream and can travel up to their heart. Your pet may not show symptoms early on, which is why it is important to bring them in regularly for heartworm testing. That way our veterinarians can accurately diagnose and treat them before they cause any serious damage. 

How do I know if my pet has heartworm?

Heartworms can go months or even years undetected without your pet showing signs or symptoms of infection. They can cause non-visible symptoms in your pet which is why regular heartworm testing is the best solution. Your furry companion should be tested annually which can also be done during their wellness exam. Our veterinarians will do a blood test to diagnose and treat any symptoms of discomfort your pet may be experiencing. Some of the signs you can look out for include: 

  • Fatigue 
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Reluctance to exercise
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Persistent cough

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