There’s no better feeling than feeling good in your own skin. Taking care of your pet’s skin is just as important as taking care of any other part of their body. Paying attention to any changes in your pet’s skin and bringing them in for a veterinary exam could help maintain their overall health. To learn more about our dermatology services, don’t hesitate to call us at 403-457-3911

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What types of skin issues do pets usually have?

You and your pet may have a few things in common when it comes to skin. Pets may experience skin conditions similar to humans. This is why it is important to bring them in for regular check-ups so we can find and treat the source of their discomfort. Common skin conditions pets may experience include: 

  • Bacterial infections 
  • Food or environmental allergies 
  • Yeast infections 
  • Parasitic infections
  • Dermatitis

How do I know if my pet has a skin issue?

It’s normal for your pet to lick or itch themselves from time to time. However, constantly scratching could be a sign that they need to see one of our veterinarians. Regular grooming could be a useful technique to keep an eye out for any changes in your pet’s skin or fur. Signs to look for include:

  • Bald spots or hair loss
  • Smelly fur or dandruff
  • Dry or scaly skin
  • Rashes or red spots
  • Sores or blisters

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