Veterinary Exam

As much as we may try to avoid the thought of our furry friends ever getting sick, it’s always better to prevent it than treat it. Scheduling your pet for their annual wellness exam is the easiest way to keep your pet feeling happy and healthy at all stages of their life. All it takes is one quick phone call. To book an appointment call us at 403-457-3911.

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What is a veterinary exam?

A veterinary exam is a routine examination of your pet’s overall health. During the appointment, one of our veterinarians will perform a physical exam of your furry friend. Some of the areas they will examine include their teeth, ears, heart, lungs, eyes and skin. With your pet’s medical history and the physical exam, our veterinarians will recommend the best next steps to maintain and meet your pet’s medical needs.

Why does my pet need a veterinary exam?

It is always better to prevent an illness than to treat it. Bringing your furry friend in for a veterinary exam annually and twice a year for senior pets gives them a fighting chance at living a longer, healthier life. Routine checkups allow us to detect diseases earlier on before they become chronic or fatal. Some common conditions we would work to prevent include:

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Heart and kidney disease
  • Parasites and Lyme disease
  • Dental disease
  • Cancer

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